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What Keeps Us Writers Going?

If someone were to ask me, what keeps you going? Why do you still write? I'd come up with some humorous answers:

1. Oprah's book club. (OK, so I missed THAT opportunity!)
2. My blog will get more hits.
3. I can take a vacation with my book advance.
4. I can hold a book in my hand with my name on it.
5. I can sell my own book on Associates.

But seriously, why do we writers keep going, and going, and going?

I don't know about you, but for me it's an itch. I get these itches during the day, in my brain: an idea for a story, a blog post, a response to someone else's blog post, and my fingers almost twitch for a pen or my keyboard!

Of course, life gets in the way of satisfying that itch: my son is home sick with the flu; or I have to buy food but need to get gas first and, oh, run to the bank. My dog is staring at me (that means I need to walk her so she'll stop staring at me). Bills, doctor appointments, doing the dishes, what else can I come up with as an excuse not to write, to put it off for a few more hours so I can finish my to-do list. And some how, I manage to scratch that itch, sooner or later, it calls to me: "Lisa, sit down and write all ready!"

Maybe it's the carrot of getting published, of making some cash for doing what you love, writing (and you don't do it often enough, cause no one's paying you to write, God forbid).

Or maybe writers who still find time in their life to write are stubborn, we just can't give up, not after all this writing!

We are the little engines that could, and should, not give up.

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